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Real Estate Agency Realtor BG welcomes you to our web site. Here you will find current information and suggestions on buying and selling of apartments, houses, offices, commercial property, industrial buildings, houses, agricultural land throughout Bulgaria. Proposals for the lease term and rent houses and apartments.
Realtor BG offers consulting, brokerage and legal services in buying, selling and renting. The Agency is a specialist in the sale of city property, holiday apartments, country houses and cottages, commercial and residential land in the Black Sea summer resorts on priemlivoy price. With us you can for rent on the beach or a house for the summer in cities or summer resorts.

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RealtorBG group of companies created by a team of professional managers


RealtorBG group of companies created by a team of professional managers and lawyers specializing in escorted business projects and transactions for buying and selling residential and commercial property, land and other assets in Bulgaria.

The company was founded on the principle of a professional partnership and officially represents the interests of the leading investment and construction companies in Bulgaria in the Russian Federation, as well as the interests of Russian citizens on the territory of Bulgaria.

The main task is to attract experts of the company and advising clients on the main aspects related to the acquisition of real estate and doing business in Bulgaria, the full support of purchase and sale transactions, beginning with the selection of interesting options and to obtaining title and registration documents, after-sales property management in Bulgaria. We deal only with completely liquid and highly profitable projects. And do not offer "any" objects, but only those that are good value for money.

The concept of quality includes the successful location of the facility, quality of construction, finishing, infrastructure and much more. This is the basic principle that guides us, and that defines our win-win proposals

Online catalog contains information on real property Bulgarian real estate developers - partners that have proven themselves as professionals in the field of architectural planning and quality construction. For any of the projects presented, we guarantee the legitimacy of the builder, its financial viability and legality of the construction. All listed on the web-resource real estate prices - from the developer, at no additional fee for our customers.

Partners of RealtorBG registered Association of Russian citizens who own property in Bulgaria, whose members can get professional advice on civil, international, family law, and, if necessary, seek assistance in resolving disputes in pre-trial and in court.

For customer service, meetings, consultations and seminars in Varna opened an office RealtorBG group . Customer support in Bulgaria, as well as conducting inspection tours do our employees who work in the Bulgarian office in Varna .

We provide first class service, find a personal and friendly approach to each client. Our privileged location will offer you only the best: exceptional understanding of your requirements and zhelaniy.My give you the opportunity to choose or build for themselves a second home, or other type of property in Bulgaria. 
We take a personal interest in the convenience and satisfaction of our customers.We individually cater to anyone who wishes to purchase property in Bulgaria through our company. 
We provide comprehensive assistance: from the search for real estate, to resolve any issues related to law and finance. 
Our clients are always calm and Dodge that the Russian-speaking employees of our company always understand their desires and demands, will be able to give advice and answer any questions .. We will do everything possible to purchased your place in the sun "you are only happy, but the whole process of buying real estate has become a pastime. 
We are always next to you. 
You can always count on us for: 
Buying a property: we offer a large selection of villas, apartments, houses, village cottages, houses and flats in the building. 
If necessary, make repairs to the house or apartment, or more if you want to build a house on your land. 
Desire to make a week-long tour in Bulgaria 
Need to book a hotel room or rent an apartment at a reasonable price. 
Buying commercial real estate. 
After buying your land or property, we are ready to provide the following services: support and maintenance of the property, your movement around the city, car rental, local tours, picnics, and other customer requests. 


Apartments in Bulgaria
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